Should you buy virgin hair from China amid Wuhan Virus Outbreak?

The latest outbreak of The Corona Virus that is claiming lives in china and other parts of the world is sending fears through the hearts of Americans.

There are so many questions that cannot be answered without further research. This research will more than likely be conducted by either the Chinese Government and the United States Government or CDC.



Is it safe to patronize Chinese Establishments?

Chinese Food

The scare of the Wuhan Virus/ Corona Virus has Americans second guessing the patronizing of Chinese establishments. While some are reluctant to shop due to fears of the "Infected" coughing or sneezing near or on their newly purchased product.

Others are carrying on, stopping at their favorite Chinese store or restaurant on their daily route home. Not even second guessing if they could be infected or not.

After all, the Corona Virus out break didn't take place in America. The only known and reported cases in America was from people who recently traveled back to the United States from Wuhan China.

Will you boycott Chinese establishments to insure the safety of your children, family and significant others?


Should we fear?

Corona Virus

Nearly ALL hair purchased or sold in the entire world drifted through China at some point or another. There is no way to avoid Chinese contact. (Although none of the hair comes from Wuhan China) Where the disease originated and is currently being heavily quarantined.

Hypothetically if the hair was exposed to The Corona Virus, lets say by a sneeze, the virus would have to live in the hair for the entire time it is transported over seas. Unfortunately for the big bad Wuhan Virus, all viruses do not live long on surfaces. Not even for a few hours. Transit would take at least 3 days and The Corona Virus wouldn't make it through the trip from China to the United States in or on packing materials, says Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at the Mailman School of Public Health.

This includes shipped goods but what about local Chinese stores? When is the last time the store clerk came from visiting family in china? Could this disease lay dormant until it is triggered? and could Americans be in potential danger by shopping in local Chinese markets/stores?

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