Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts in 2020.

      Valentines day can be a hard day to deal with sometimes. Not knowing what to get your significant other. To save you the trouble, we've compiled a list of the TOP 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for your babe, girlfriend or wife. 


#10 Chocolates

In-expensive and tasty, chocolates have stood the romantic test of time. Women love chocolate surprises and on Valentines day she doesn't have to choose. She can taste every single type of chocolate in the entire box. The best part is, you'll get all the credit.

#9 Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are not just for children and they are always a good idea. Valentines Day 2020 will last for 24 hours. a stuffed animal will last virtually forever. Each time she looks at it, she will think of how much you love her.

#8 Flowers

Flowers are such a #1 gift to get your significant other. The larger the better. She will snap so many pictures it doesn't even matter that the flowers will soon die. Throw in giving them to her in a public place and after Valentine's Day 2020, your going to have her heart forever.

#7 Gift Card

Maybe chocolate, stuffies and flowers are not her thing. Maybe you want to buy her something but don't know what to buy. A gift card is a perfect, "buy-yourself-a-gift" kit. Stick to brands like Sephora or Victoria Secret. If your still not sure, just make it a Visa GIFT card and call it a day. 



#6 Money

If a Dog is a man's best friend, then money would be a woman's best friend. Money is always a good gift idea for a women. Get her a card and put the money inside. You can even get more creative and hide the money i a romantic or surprising place. She will love it and you!

#5 A New Camera

In the age of Instagram and social media, your lady wants to flaunt all the good things that you are doing for her. A new or updated camera would be a great idea o improve the quality of her and your pictures. Expect a hug and extreme happiness with this creative and up-to-date gift idea.

#4 Clothes

Clothes are actually really simple to figure out. Find out your girl's clothing size and shop online for the things you would love to see her in. It doesn't have to be overly expensive, Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Thing would be a great place to start.

#3 Tickets

A play, concert or show, tickets are such a great idea to bring you two closer together. Women love to be apart of the crowd. Free to laugh, sing, dance and enjoy being apart of the fun. You can also get tickets to a more private event like a cooking class or a romantic boat ride. get creative and watch your relationship flourish.

#2 Romantic Candle-lit Dinner or room

Picture this: Door opens, rose petals from the door to the bed, gift bag and stuffed animals on the bed and candles lit all over the room or house. Sweet smelling candles ignite the room with dinner table set. Good smelling favorite foods radiating from the plates. you look over at your girl's face and her jaw is wide open, tears flowing....SURPRISE. she's going to jump all over you.

#1 Virgin Hair

We all know that women absolutely love to look good on her special day. This is the one day that signifies love and appreciation. Surely, your woman would want to get something that caters to her while she's catering to you.

Lets face it, women love hair. What could be a better gift than some beautiful hair extensions that will last her until next valentines day. Virgin Hair is the valentines day gift that keeps giving. She will look so sexy and of course, you will get so lucky.

Why give her something that will not last? Even clothes can get ruined or become too big/small. Our #1 Virgin Hair is single vegetarian donor and cuticle aligned stands that test of time and will help you to invest in your lady's self image and self-esteem.

Show your lady that you care, and give her the gift that won't expire. At least now when she looks in the mirror, she will think of you and smile.

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