Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair

       Virgin Hair is the most sought after hair in the world. Widely used by top actresses, music artists and other main stream public figures as well as the every day woman and teen. Virgin Hair is used in everything from wigs, hair extensions and braids. The Virgin Hair sensation has been unbeatable due to its ranges in quality per price.


Before Virgin Hair

Before Virgin Hair hit the market, women were forced to go to local beauty supply stores for low grade hair and synthetic plastic that lasted for two week to a month max. These types of hair are separated in to two categories. Braiding hair and hair weave/ wigs.

The braiding hair is completely plastic and ranges in all colors, natural or of the rainbow. The hair weave/wigs were a different thing altogether. If not completely synthetic, they ranged from a 1B-2 and they usually came in packs labeled “Remy Hair” and “Saga Hair”

Remy hair prepared the market for today's Virgin Hair that has taken the market by storm. The fact that the hair can be washed and maintained offered women an entire NEW advantage. Women could now invest once in themselves and secure longevity for their hair routine. This also saves money eliminating the need to run constantly to the beauty supply and hairdresser for their new do.

Our Virgin Hair comes directly from the source. We source for quality and never for price. This is the only way we can insure our quality is 100% Premium Virgin Hair. Our hair is collected from single donor vegetarian females in eastern India and South America. These women are religious and very kind.


Types of Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair comes in a variety of different grades. Currently on the market in 2020 there are 3 different grades of hair. There's 8A 9A & 10A.

7A grade hair was dropped from the market mid 2019. These three grades will continue to ascend in quality and in price.


8A Virgin Hair

8A Virgin Hair comes in as the new lowest grade. This hair is very cheap and will last a few wears but after the first wash will begin to mat and tangle. This is the scrappy hair that is left in the bottom of the barrel that has been salvaged and pieced together. None of the hairs are really the same length or from the same donors. Let's be very clear here...I DO NOT SELL THIS HAIR! I would never offer this hair to my clients, but most of you guys get it from places like Ali-Express, Amazon, local beauty supply stores and other janky cheap ads online that offer 3 bundles and a closure for $45. Lol. Run... Fast! It won't last.


9A Virgin Hair

9A Virgin Hair is runner up with the second highest grade of Virgin Hair on the market. Our 9A 100% Virgin Hair is our Brazilian Dream Collection. This hair is so beautiful and will last forever if you let it (maintain it). This is where all the money is made in the industry. Most of the hair traded on the market comes from these sales. This hair is collected by hand from virgin hair donors and are direct from the source. Once cut, the hair is placed in bags, barrels or crates and transported to be sold on the major markets. The hair is then washed, treated, curled and sewn into beautiful virgin hair bundles that you know today.  This Virgin Hair is from a single donor as the hair is fed into a wefting machine & the lengths are the same. This allows for less short and stray hairs, as well as giving a consistency of length and quality to the beard.


10A Virgin Hair

10A Virgin Hair is coming is as #1 Best Quality Virgin Hair on the market. Our 10A 100% Virgin Hair is our Peruvian Princess Collection.This Premium Quality Virgin Hair will not only last forever but it takes little to no maintenance. This hair flows together with each strand in silky unison. Not to mention it lasts twice as long as 9A hair (that lasts for 2-3 Years maintained). This hair is the creme of the crop on the market right now. It is hard to find and not at all cheap. This hair is bound before it is cut. Each donor is 100% Vegetarian and lengths usually range from 18'-40" Yes, 40" Virgin Hair. This is due to the donor having hair down to her feet. Never before cut or shaved. The hair is Placed in special Argan Oil infused bags and sold to private buyers on the market. One of which is our company's buyers. The hair is then washed, sewn, curled and conditioned to be sold privately on websites like ours.

 Here are some of the qualities of our Premium Quality #1 Virgin Hair:

  • No Shedding
  • 9A Grade Premium Virgin Hair
  • Single Vegetarian Donor
  • Cuticle Aligned
  • 100% Natural
  • No Chemicals
  • 3.5 Oz per bundle

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