Babies are the ones who matter most!

Babie Hair is a company dedicated to helping displaced and orphan youth in ALL Communities around the world. 

Did you know there are 153 MILLION children that are orphaned around the world. 

There are roughly 400,000 children in the American Foster Care System. 

Can you imagine not having a home to go to or a family to care for you? 

Holidays are the worst time of year for orphans because that the time of family and togetherness.

(Put yourself in a child's shoes and read the following holidays. Picture the orphan child watching everyone else celebrate) 


Father's Day

Mother's Day


Thanks Giving 

New Years 

These are all painful reminders of the unwarranted fate of so many young and innocent kids. 

Babie Hair is looking to provide:

1. Basic Necessities 

Like food and Clothing and other items that are lacking in American and around the world. 

2. Leisure Participation 

We believe that NO child should be a active participant in the circumstances of their situation. Children need an outlet or pastime that will help them thrive. 

3. Post-Secondary Options

Which isn't always college for everyone, especially a orphaned child that needs to provide for themselves after 18 years old. 

Work and School readying programs that will provide the children with guidance to help them succeed and be tax-paying citizens. 

4. Guidance

When times get rough, who can you call? Orphans have no one to call, no life line, no room for error. We provide orphans with 24/hour guidance if they have a question or concern. We can give great advice and help. 

If you know an orphan who needs help:

Fill out the form below and someone will response ASAP.

If it is an emergency please dial 911 

Thank you,

Babie Hair Team